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{2647}{2744}Do not attempt to reply on your|own frequencies to this broadcast.
{2746}{2804}These people have already|caused one crash...
{2806}{2859}- ..by impersonating our tower.|- Jesus.
{3123}{3180}Repeat. The terrorists have cut off...
{3182}{3234}..the two systems that allowyou to land:
{3236}{3341}fiield lights for a visual landing|and the ILS for an instrument.
{3343}{3436}A Special US Army unit is here,|preparing to take out the terrorists.
{3438}{3498}- My God.|- Don't accept any instructions...
{3500}{3574}- Yo, Marvin.|- Hey, you interested in a nice coat?
{3576}{3632}No. It never looked good on me anyway.
{3634}{3700}You've got to get me|to the Pilots' Briefing Room.
{3702}{3751}I've got to hear what they're saying.
{3753}{3836}- Which map gets me in there?|- Don't touch it! Don't touch it!
{3838}{3877}- Find the map, Marvin.|- I'll find it.
{3879}{3930}You'll mess up my whole|damn filing system.
{3932}{4006}Pilots' Briefing Room,|I think that's in th.......
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