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{6213}{6265}I'm going to have complexes because|of him.
{6287}{6370}Aren't you ashamed ? You have no shame.
{6374}{6439}Coward. Now that's better.
{6452}{6491}You won't do anything about it.
{6695}{6751}- Your tie.|- I'm sorry.
{6780}{6876}- Were you calling me ?|- No, my beauty.
{6918}{6941}I understand.
{6983}{7020}Are you the beauty ?
{7024}{7065}- Excuse me ?|- Are you the beauty ?
{7069}{7128}- No.|- Then get lost! I'm sorry.
{7132}{7179}- It was delicious.|- Thank you, Mr Baron.
{7183}{7240}I'll take you to the exit.
{7305}{7347}- And where's the second one ?|- I'm here.
{7469}{7518}- It was really tasty. |- Thank you.
{7861}{7911}And what is that supposed to be ?
{7916}{8027}It's thursday. President Novales|is going to the Eleysee Palace.
{8031}{8084}There will be gridlocks.
{8256}{8381}After we come to the palace,|book a place at Septime's.
{8385}{8474}- But my excellency..|- At Septime's.
{8738}{8824}- Mr Septime! Please take a look!|- W.......
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