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.......our feet?
{8180}{8270}Converse All Stars, vintage 2004.
{8270}{8367}Don't turn your face up like that,|I know you want some. All you gotta do is ask.
{8367}{8422}No, thank you very much.
{8422}{8477}Mmm, sweat potato pie.
{8477}{8522}Put that on a plate.
{8522}{8660}You know, I see on TV they given away some|of them new robots in the lottery?
{8660}{8765}You know G.G., those robots|don't do anybody any good.
{8765}{8847}Of all the people on God's earth|you should know better.
{8850}{8955}Sometimes, the stuff that|comes out of your mouth.
{8955}{9025}You listening to me, Del?
{9450}{9475}Hold my pie.
{9480}{9532}Sir, hold it or wear it.
{9665}{9695}Move it!
{10455}{10495}I said... stop!
{10540}{10590}Relax, relax...
{10597}{10637}I'm a police officer.
{10645}{10727}You... are a asshole!
{10755}{10802}Mam, is that your purse?
{10802}{10842}Of course it's my purse!
{10847}{10887}I left my i.......
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