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....... to find?
{5573}{5663}My... son.
{5769}{5876}You see, my wife died|when Donald was a child.
{5877}{5955}As he grew older, I began to groom him|to take my place in the business.
{5957}{6006}I... pushed him too hard. L...
{6032}{6086}Anyway, we had words.
{6088}{6154}Then suddenly Donald dropped everything|and went off on a whaling ship...
{6156}{6211}as an ordinary seaman.
{6213}{6343}Three months later, I got word|that he'd left the ship in Baffin Land.
{6385}{6465}I had no idea, until I received this...
{6467}{6573}from a trading post at Fort Conger|on Ellesmere Island.
{6574}{6641}Apparently Donald had left it|with the factor for safekeeping...
{6642}{6724}when he'd gone off|on some sort of expedition.
{6725}{6814}When he didn't come back,|the factor sent it on to me.
{6861}{6944}It's an old page|from a Hudson's Bay Company journal.
{6945}{7068}Look at the entry|forJanuary the 15th, 1856.
{7069}{7110}"To this post this day...
{7112}{7189}cameJohn Mu.......
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