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.......> 00:02:48,721
You sent for me, sir?

00:02:48,721 --> 00:02:51,996
Yes, Clarence.
A man down on earth needs our help.

00:02:51,996 --> 00:02:53,490
Splendid! Is he sick?

00:02:53,490 --> 00:02:55,801
No. Worse. He's discouraged.

00:02:55,801 --> 00:02:58,718
At exactly ten forty-five P.M., earth-time,

00:02:58,718 --> 00:03:02,576
that man will be thinking seriously
of throwing away God's greatest gift.

00:03:02,576 --> 00:03:06,656
Oh, dear, dear! His life! Then I have
only an hour to dress.

00:03:06,656 --> 00:03:07,669
What are they wearing now?

00:03:07,669 --> 00:03:11,037
You will spend that hour getting
acquainted with George Bailey.

00:03:11,037 --> 00:03:17,543
Sir... lf I should accomplish this mission...
I mean, uh, might I perhaps win my wings?

00:03:17,543 --> 00:03:20,060
I've been waiting for over
two hundred years now, sir...

00:03:20,060 --> 00:03:21,774
and people are beginn.......
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