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.......5}If the nobles find out,|there'll be the devil to pay.
{4521}{4605}Then pray that they don't.
{7019}{7092}Come on, we're late.
{7876}{8006}The score stands at three lances|to none in favor of Sir Ector.
{8012}{8050}Lord Philip of Aragon.
{8056}{8132}Stand ye ready?
{8152}{8243}Sir Ector. Stand ye ready?
{8280}{8330}I tilted against Sir Ector many times.
{8336}{8405}In practice as his target.|You never struck him.
{8411}{8497}- Badger me not with details.|- The landscape. Stay on the horse.
{8503}{8591}He needs 3 points.|He has to knock you off the horse.
{8597}{8670}I know how to score, Roland.
{8676}{8750}I've waited my whole life|for this moment.
{8756}{8854}For Sir Ector to shite himself|to death?
{9724}{9785}Get it in the cradle. In the cradle.
{9791}{9859}Get it in the cradle!
{10343}{10376}William, are you alive?
{10382}{10448}- We won! We won!|- Can you hear me?
{10454}{10559}Get off me! William, can you hear me?
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