English Subtitles La Niña De La Mochila Azul (1979)

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English subs for La Niña De La Mochila Azul.
Another lang for La Niña De La Mochila Azul.

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.......thy, scruffy, without a bath or even a comb?

00:04:30,305 --> 00:04:31,630
I don't care.

00:04:31,730 --> 00:04:36,569
No, don't be insolent, girl, just listen.

00:04:37,103 --> 00:04:42,603
I know how hard it must be for a girl your age to have to live with an messy old man...

00:04:42,703 --> 00:04:45,306
especially on a fishing boat.

00:04:45,780 --> 00:04:49,990
My uncle isn't an messy old man. He's the best fisherman in Texas.

00:04:50,090 --> 00:04:54,243
Really? Then why doesn't he actually sail out to fish?

00:04:56,100 --> 00:05:00,300
Why does he spend all day sitting on that boat drinking?

00:05:00,400 --> 00:05:02,395
Do you think that's all right?

00:05:03,469 --> 00:05:05,469
It's not the right season for fish.

00:05:05,569 --> 00:05:11,205
Sure, that's what he tells you! Look, Amy, let's not talk about your uncle, let's talk about you.

00:05:12,465 --> 00:05:18,790
Amy, if you want th.......
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