English Subtitles Las Aventuras Del Capitán Alatriste (n/a)

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English subs for Las Aventuras Del Capitán Alatriste.
Another lang for Las Aventuras Del Capitán Alatriste.

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.......al palace.

00:01:06,695 --> 00:01:08,572
Don Francisco says you need
a fencing master.

00:01:08,672 --> 00:01:10,770
No one better than you.

00:01:12,000 --> 00:01:18,074
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00:01:55,394 --> 00:01:58,512
Keep in mind, your Excellency,
that the smallest detail out of place,

00:01:58,612 --> 00:02:00,308
the smallest change
in the protocol,

00:02:00,408 --> 00:02:02,303
can cause the discomfort
of His Majesty.

00:02:02,403 --> 00:02:04,519
We did not come from
the Indies, excellency.

00:02:04,619 --> 00:02:05,952
Nor is it our intention
to cause annoyance.

00:02:06,052 --> 00:02:08,538
But remember that less than
a week ago His Highness the Prince

00:02:08,638 --> 00:02:11,058
slipped through the window
of a convent.

00:02:11,158 --> 00:02:14,945
He knows perfectly well what is
at stake in this reception.

00:02:15,045 --> 00:02:17,145
I do not dou.......
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