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....... Never stole no car - shut up!

00:01:32,100 --> 00:01:37,100
- Vicky, have you even started this essay?
- No, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no.

00:01:37,100 --> 00:01:41,500
I'm not going on the pill because
they stop you from getting pregnant.

00:01:41,500 --> 00:01:44,100
If I don't get the essay, I'll have to fail you.

00:01:44,100 --> 00:01:49,900
Yeah, but Louise emptied a bottle of Fanta into
Shannon's bag but Luke says he fingered her.

00:01:49,900 --> 00:01:55,500
- Vicky, do you want to pass your GCSE?
- GCS what? Don't go giving me evils!

00:01:57,800 --> 00:02:02,900
Inside 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister
is having a meeting with one of his aides.

00:02:08,400 --> 00:02:11,200
0f course, if I was Prime Minister,

00:02:11,200 --> 00:02:17,300
I'd knock through to number 11 and have a sort
of larger living area, really open up the space.

00:02:17,300 --> 00:02:23,400
So t.......
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