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.......we was going to Wimpy,

00:01:14,500 --> 00:01:19,000
but Liberty went up the arcade
with Sophie Bannerman instead

00:01:19,000 --> 00:01:23,500
and Vanessa told Tony that I fancy David Wu,
but everyone knows he's got scabby legs.

00:01:23,500 --> 00:01:27,300
- And the baby?
- I'm getting there! There was this whole thing.

00:01:27,300 --> 00:01:32,500
Carmella's mum was going away so she said
she'd have a party, but then her mum found out,

00:01:32,500 --> 00:01:37,400
then she had it, but I wasn't invited,
so me and Jools went round Michaela's house

00:01:37,400 --> 00:01:39,900
and Kelly said Penny Webb's got hairy tits.

00:01:39,900 --> 00:01:43,600
Vicky, where is the baby?

00:01:43,600 --> 00:01:46,100
Swapped it for a Westlife CD.

00:01:47,300 --> 00:01:51,500
- How could you do such a thing?
- I know. They're rubbish.

00:01:54,100 --> 00:01:56,300
Don't go giving me evils!

00:01:58,300 .......
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