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00:01:57,742 --> 00:02:00,828
execution of the Final Solution
of the Jewish problem

00:02:00,870 --> 00:02:02,788
you have done something truly

00:02:02,831 --> 00:02:05,332
Eichmann will be judged in lsrael.

00:02:05,375 --> 00:02:09,670
Tell the world - no, show the world,
to show the world what the Nazis did

00:02:09,712 --> 00:02:12,548
to show the world what the
Nazis did to the Jewish people.

00:02:13,007 --> 00:02:17,177
Let's use television to do this.
Let's use television to do this.

00:02:17,220 --> 00:02:18,887
Only television can do this.

00:02:19,848 --> 00:02:23,851
In... in granting permission
for Capital Cities

00:02:23,893 --> 00:02:27,729
to film the trial of Eichmann
on Israeli soil

00:02:29,566 --> 00:02:33,861
you will become a part of the
most important television event in history

00:02:33,903 --> 00:02:41,034
past, present and...
yeah, why not? Futur.......
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