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.......ee your protege.
{12850}{12943}WiIIie.|just the man I wanted to see.
{12948}{13010}Maude Waggins.
{13015}{13131}You saved my Iife. WhiIe reading|`"What About Us GirIs?`` ...
{13136}{13221}- You reaIised you had to write.|- No, I stopped.
{13226}{13323}I realised that if this was taIent.|I had none.
{13328}{13419}- How nice that it shouId stop you.|- I adore you.
{13424}{13574}- I taught him to do that.|- I used to hit my authors.
{13616}{13799}Maude wants in if we Ieave. Do you|know what her contract caIIs for?
{13804}{13918}She`s obIigated to one more book.|We get first Iook at her next two.
{13923}{14070}How about an 80-page reminiscence|of aII the restaurants I`ve Ioved?
{14075}{14149}There are no specifications|in the contract.
{14154}{14242}I`lI start eating out right now.
{14247}{14365}You are a rarity. A IoyaI man,|with a great taste in authors.
{14411}{14529}Bye, WiII. I`II see you at Jason`s.
{14665}{14759}You`re such a poIished ass-kisser|it takes my breath awa.......
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