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The French Connection (1971) Action
The time is just right for an out and out thriller like this.
Added: 9 years ago Runtime: 104 minutes

Phantasm Ii (1988) Action
Now, the horrifying truth is about to be revealed...and all it took was a little digging.
Added: 9 years ago Runtime: 97 minutes

Phantasm (1979) Fantasy
If this one doesn't scare you, you're already dead!
Added: 9 years ago Runtime: 88 minutes

French Connection Ii (1975) Action
THE FRENCH CONNECTION was only the beginning-THIS is the climax
Added: 9 years ago Runtime: 119 minutes

French Kiss (1995) Comedy
Kate's stuck in a place where anything can happen with a guy who'll make sure that it does
Added: 9 years ago Runtime: 111 minutes

Slap Her She's French (2002) Comedy
No French People Were Harmed In The Making Of This Film.
Added: 9 years ago Runtime: 92 minutes

Phantasm Iii: Lord Of The Dead (1994) Action
We Tried To Warn You. If You Don't Get It This Time We're Going To Have To Drill It Into Your Head!
Added: 9 years ago Runtime: 91 minutes

Phantasm Iv: Oblivion (1998) Horror
The sequel with balls!
Added: 9 years ago Runtime: 90 minutes

French Cancan (1956) Comedy
Added: 6 years ago Runtime: 102 minutes

La French (2014) Action
Added: 2 years ago Runtime: 135 minutes

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